Sash Window Renovation

Sash and case Scotland offer a full renovation service for you sash and case windows. We fully strip all the old paint form your windows and then add draughtproofing before fully repainting.

All replacement parts are manufactured from Douglas fir with Iroko cills as an additional option. We use Douglas fir and Iroko as they are classed as durable timbers unlike Red-pine or meranti which many of our competitors use.

We also offer a full cill replacement service along with replacement sashes.

Window Renovation includes:

  • Window Renovation includes
  • Removal of all paint on both case and sashes
  • Replacing any rotten sections as required
  • Repairing any defecting parts as required
  • Sanding of both the case and sashes
  • Re-puttying as required
  • Re-glaze as required
  • New baton rods and parting beads to match originals
  • Router timbers for concealed seal - fully draught proofed
  • Painting one coat primer, two coats of topcoat
  • New ironmongery
  • New cords
  • Re-hang and balance sashes
  • New pointing/sand mastic

Sash and Case Windows Scotland

Refurbishment with Double Glazed Upgraded Sashes

Another renovation service that we offer is to manufacture new double glazed sashes and retro fit them into original refurbished cases. Original moulds can be copied and replicated to match.

Replacement Double Glazed Sashes in Original Cases

At Sash and Case Scotland we pride ourselves with making high quality, high performance replacement sashes. Incorporating traditional techniques with modern designs.

As well as offering replacement single glazed sashes we also offer upgraded replacement double glazed sashes for your sash and case windows. For this service we would fully renovate the original case and install brand new factory sprayed double glazed sashes into the original case with full draught proofing. Saving you on the overall cost of manufacturing and installing complete new double glazed sash and case units.

We can do this for sash wood as thin as 46mm.

Sash and Case Windows Scotland

Draught Proofing your Sash and Case Windows

Our draught proofing is a concealed system To look at the window there would be no immediate signs of our draught proofing seals.

We do not put seals on baton rods or parting beads as they are thin pieces of timber that cannot readily take grooves for seal without compromising their structural integrity. Our draught proofing won't be affected by repainting unlike others that use a brush seal system.

Sash and Case Windows Scotland

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